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Twice Gifted
Career Cultivation


As a futurist and prodigious savant, I foresee a world where somatic intelligence—the intelligence of the body and its senses—will be the key to navigating the era of artificial intelligence (AI). Those gifted in both somatic and cognitive intelligence, will have a unique advantage.

I have developed revolutionary processes to help somatic and twice gifted individuals cultivate their somatic and creative intelligence. One that repairs the mind-body connection to enable their full creative potential. Thus enabling them to learn, grow, and heal in the way they were naturally meant to.

For many neurodivergent individuals, particularly those with ADHD, their gifts have been suppressed by a system that fails to cultivate their unique potential. Their overexcitabilities, a hallmark of giftedness, often work against them rather than for them.

The rise of standardized education has suppressed somatic intelligence, stifling creativity and critical thinking. This oppression has been especially harsh on the most somatic and twice-gifted, breaking their innate ability to learn and grow independently.

Through my innovative program, you'll learn to:

  • Amplify your creative intelligence by reconnecting your mind and body

  • Transform your overexcitabilities into powerful tools for learning and growth

  • Heal emotional struggles by restoring your innate learning abilities

  • Develop enhanced mental models to solve complex problems with ease

  • Leverage your unique twice-gifted, neurodivergent wiring as the gift it truly is

  • Cultivate savant-like abilities in your areas of passion and strength

  • Achieve flow states of deep focus and peak performance

  • Confidently share your brilliance with the world

  • Adapt quickly to change and innovate in the face of uncertainty

  • Develop a growth mindset and embrace continuous learning

  • Create a compelling portfolio that showcases your creative and critical thinking skills

In a rapidly changing world the ability to use our mental modeling capabilities creatively, critically, adaptively and with foresight will be invaluable. By cultivating your unique intelligence and developing a portfolio that highlights and demonstrates your unique abilities, you'll be well-positioned to thrive in the workforce of the future.


For the teacher, educator, or practitioner looking to deepen your understanding of natural intelligence, somatic intelligence, and cultivate your savant gifts in a way you've never experienced before?


One-on-One Consulting - Our 1:1 consulting is the quickest way for established educators or practitioners to learn everything they were never taught about somatic learning and the integration of somatic and cognitive intelligence to form creative intelligence. This process is exclusively for the somatically gifted and or twice-gifted, capable of advanced mental modeling skills. We'll help you reconnect with your somatic intelligence, which has been suppressed from birth, preventing you from fully accessing your amazing talent.

For those who are highly sensitive, neurodivergent and still trying to understand and use their savant and creative gifts we offer a more comprehensive experience.

Savant Circle Mastermind Group - Join our Savant Circle Mastermind group and become part of a supportive network as you launch your new career as a coach, teacher, and facilitator of savant skill cultivation. Be the first in your market to offer a groundbreaking way to teach everyone. Members commit to a 12-month development process that cultivates talent in a manner not seen in over a century. Together we will develop a teaching process that incorporates cognitive, somatic, and creative intelligence, ensuring that you're teaching the way others naturally learn. The mastermind group will provide marketing, networking, and skill feedback to ensure your talent cultivation process is properly developed, recognized, and ready for the future.

For those who are already apart of the Gifted ND community who want connect with others for networking, hear the latest creative intelligence research or gain more knowledge on how to develop their own processes and portfolios we offer quarterly continued education sessions.

Creative Community Circle - Our quarterly meetings provide an opportunity to connect with others in the community, learn from each other, and get updates on personal growth and learning. These meetings foster a sense of belonging and support as you navigate your journey of unlocking your creative intelligence and cultivating your savant gifts.

What sets our community apart is our commitment to continuous learning and skill development. We recognize that in a rapidly changing world, the ability to learn new skills and adapt to new technologies is essential. That's why our community places a strong emphasis on lifelong learning and proactive skill development, ensuring that our members are always at the forefront of their fields.

Moreover, our community is truly one-of-a-kind, bringing together individuals with unique, extreme, and varied skill sets driven by their high and differing sensitivities. This diversity of talents and perspectives allows us to offer something that no one else can - a rich, dynamic, and highly innovative learning environment where members can learn from and be inspired by each other's exceptional abilities.

The future we are facing is one that will require us to understand our full intelligence. By joining one of our programs, you'll gain a deep understanding of your natural abilities and be well-prepared to thrive in the era of AI.

If you're ready to embark on a life-changing journey, begin by taking our 2e Intelligence Test. Let's get started on awakening your hidden genius within .


Savant Circle
Mastermind Group
Savant Career

4 hrs/mn


Somatic/Creative Intelligence Consulting

2 hr


Twice Gifted



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