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Gifted ND Creatives and Entrepreneurs Are Set Up For Success
You have figured out your calling. You know what directions you want to go in. But you are looking for a mentor who understands you. Someone who understands how to navigate entrepreneurship using a strengths based approach. Someone who thinks like you do and has done it before.  At Gifted ND you will find those people.
We have made our own paths and now we have circled back to help others like us do the same. We have experience running successful businesses that span a multitude of different areas, from retail to emerging technology, management consulting to life coaching.  We are patent holders, makers, inventors and creators, who have been there, done that, and are still doing it.  Why? Because we love being entrepreneurs and it is our calling. The Gifted Neurodivergents are humanity's most creative.

We can help get you started, if this is your first time.  We can help you save insane money on your IP lawyer fees. We can help you grow your company at any point.  The only thing better than a big picture seeing and thinking Gifted Neurodivergent Mentor is getting a whole team of them! This is what you get with Gifted ND. 

Why make those costly mistakes when you don't have too.  We have already made them. We have done it wrong and then right and can tell you the pitfalls and benefits of all your ideas. Start ahead of everyone else by starting with us.
Let's Get Started On Your Unique Path To Success Today!

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Starting Your
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Intellectual Property

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Foresight and Systems Thinking Driven Strategy

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