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Twice Exceptional Adults

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You Have So Much Potential

You know there is a greater purpose for you. Born with boundless creativity and the ability to understand what others can't even fathom, you were meant for something different and amazing.

The world is also waking up to this realization about you. While they recognize the advantages of your expansive intelligence, they still offer no clear pathway, no cultivation, and instead present a multitude of hindrances. Despite this, you live in a world that imposes greater costs on you than on your peers – costs that weigh heavily on your emotional and physical well-being. We must create a way for you to thread the needle between your exceptionalism and the world's normality.

Understand Your Purpose, Understand Your Place

Your sensitivities and weaknesses point to your purpose, while your strengths indicate your place. You are twice gifted in a society that typically recognizes only single giftedness. The world is changing, and you are waiting for it to catch up to where you have always been. In this waiting period, it's essential to grow, prepare, and understand the path you are forging – a path others will follow. You are creating a career and income to not just survive but thrive in a constantly changing world. Your differences and exceptionalism will make you stand out and lead others to you. It is precisely these qualities that prevented you from fitting into the world as it was.

To find your path, you must first find yourself. This is where Gifted ND assists. We understand that your final destination is unique to you. By tapping into your creativity, maximizing your strengths, and addressing blocks from improper conditioning, we can unlock your full potential. The creative ones shape the future as they carve their own paths, paving the way for those who follow. You are not the problem; you are the solution to a problem no one else can see.

For everyone, the future is a blank canvas. As society evolves, it provides opportunities for you to choose your direction and understand what you must do to reach your destination. This is both wonderful and intimidating. Life is a journey for the creative, and society is now enabling your journey to be grander than ever. It needs you to accept this reality and move forward. It is the creatives, carving their own futures, who shape the future for everyone.

To begin we will address the reality that you:

  • Form habits differently

  • Need different schedules

  • Learn in a different manner

  • Require specific environments for comfort

  • Communicate with unique intentions and outcomes

  • Have unique medical needs

  • Have distinct emotional needs

  • Are motivated differently, both physically and mentally

Once we define these aspects, we start to uncover your unique potential as a 2e individual. We will conduct a thorough inventory of your strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is to help you leverage your sensitivities to balance your somatic and cognitive aspects. We aim to help you realize how incredible you are and the significant role you play in humanity.

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