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The Gifted Neurodivergent Child Podcast

Exasperated Child

The Gifted Neurodivergent Child Podcast is dedicated to all the parents out there who are raising their twice-exceptional (2e) children without the support they truly need and deserve. Not only have we not received adequate support from the existing systems, but we have also experienced active neglect, and its consequences are evident. Our children are languishing, not because they struggle with learning but because they struggle with learning to conform to a mold they aren't meant for.


This mold might demand strict linear learning or suppress their natural urge to create. Our children are forced into a method that doesn't nurture their creative intelligence. Our education systems compel our children to focus on their weaknesses while it ignore and even punishes them for using their strengths within the system.


Our children are creatives. They are not just any creatives, they are the most creative minds. They represent the future, yet they are being taught that the most remarkable aspects of their creativity are considered irrelevant or even pathological.


The current system is designed to suppress the most creative individuals. However, there are ways we can still provide them with the education they need to unleash their full potential and function at their best. If we desire success for our children and for the world, if we want a brighter future, we must take control of our children's education and utilize all available resources, both within and outside the mainstream system. This is the primary focus of our podcast: guiding parents in nurturing the immense creativity of their children to make a positive impact on the world.

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