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The Podcast That Will Change The World

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

I started a podcast. A podcast that will hopefully change the world. Or at the very least change my world and maybe yours too.

I grew up knowing everything I was told about myself was wrong. It drove me darn near crazy to be at odd with so many adults in my life. Even if those odds were held in secret. I suffered a near constant attack on my personal reality but instead of breaking me it made me stronger. It resulted in me only finding out how really amazing I was. It resulted in my unwavering ability to trust myself no matter what I am told or what the cost for trusting myself caused me in the short term.

It is this self understanding and knowledge that I will share with you. Everything that I learned on my journey to discovering my giftedness, my neurodivergence and my amazing savant skills will be a part of this podcast. I will share with you what I have come to know about who and what it means to be a high functioning autistic savant that moves through the world invisibly gifted, but gifted none the less. I will share what it is like to live as someone who never fulfilled their potential as the outside defined, because they were meant for something even bigger than the system could ever imagine. Or perhaps a better way to describe it, as someone who could see the future and it said they would never fit in, they would never be accepted. I committed social suicide and let it all go so I could accept myself. In other words before I even knew I was gifted, I made the decision to positively disintegrate and found my best life. On this podcast I will share with you everything I know about how powerful we really are, when we embrace all we are and learn to use all that sensing data that only the neurodivergents take in.

In return for sharing I ask one thing from you. I ask that you might consider sharing with me who you really are. Could you do this? Not who the world says you should be, rather who you really are. The person who can do things no one would ever let you admit. The weird kid who has always managed to come out of the mess better for it. The individual who avoided the traps everyone else falls into. The parts we were told we are not allowed to say. On this podcast we will not just say it, we will celebrate it, and how it manifests into your unique genius.

Please send me an email at detailing your unique gifts and allow me the chance to interview you for this podcast. Don't worry, I will share my gifts first. I will help you understand how your gifts fit into the science of today. I will help you explain them to others so you will never have to hide them again. We will do all of this in a way that makes you feel safe doing so.

I am seeking that outside genius that only the gifted neurodivergents possess. So that we can share how amazing we really are and change the world with those gifts for the good of all.



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